Carlos Roca's journey into the world of architecture began with a foundation rooted in family, passion, and creativity. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, he was surrounded by the world of construction and design from an early age. With a builder father, Carlos spent his formative years gaining hands-on experience in remodeling investment properties and working on client projects. This exposure sparked a love building, design, and an appreciation for the craft that transforms a house into a home.

Carlos' passion for architecture grew as he pursued his education at the California College of the Arts and subsequently at The NewSchool of Architecture, earning a Bachelor of Architecture. After completing his studies, Carlos returned to San Francisco, where he worked on a variety of significant projects, such as the restoration of a historic Joseph Esherick home, an Eichler remodel in Sea Cliff, and a Zaha Hadid residence in San Diego - the only single family residence she would design in North America. These experiences shaped his design philosophy and fueled his desire to establish his own practice.

In 2017, Carlos founded Freeform, an architecture firm dedicated to crafting bespoke, contemporary spaces that balance the rich history of design with modern innovation. Under Carlos' leadership, Freeform has garnered recognition for its commitment to sustainability, elevated living, and deep collaboration with interior designers.

Carlos' vision for Freeform is to continue being a conduit for unique design perspectives, rooted in a deep understanding of the client, the site, and the collaborative process. As the firm explores new ventures, including designing and producing furniture and home goods, Carlos remains grounded in his love for travel, nature, and philanthropy -- all of which continue to inspire and energize his work.

Today, Carlos Roca and Freeform are synonymous with exceptional architectural design and an unwavering commitment to elevating the lives of clients through thoughtfully crafted spaces.

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