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As one of the leading architecture firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, Freeform's expertise is in both creating buildings that exemplify architectural excellence and a deep understanding of the construction process. This combination of artistry and operational focus make this architecture firm the perfect partner for any residential project.

As an architecture and design firm, Freeform balances the impact of modern architecture with a reverence for the historical tradition of all global architecture; timelessness over trend. Their architectural design process focuses on the use of natural light, a passion for beauty and proportion, and the implementation of sustainable design strategies. There is no desire to impose a preconceived notion of what a home should be or how it should appear. Rather, Freeform understands that the best architects and architecture firms produce great work by respecting the residential clients needs and desires and honing in on the opportunities and design challenges present in the site. This belief is present at all levels of the design team; it drives the conceptual design phase and is translated into the architectural drawings.

The Freeform design process is anchored in collaboration. This collaboration extends to the client, general contractors, artisans, and design consultants. With their expertise in implementing innovative design, Freeform guides the project team from inception to move-in, leaving no design challenge unaddressed.

As residential architects with a reputation for delivering excellence, this San Francisco based firm has had the privilege of working on a variety of completed projects, spanning everything from new ground-up custom residential projects to partial renovations of historic buildings and everything in between. Their designs not only meet the highest standards but also exceed expectations, reflecting a commitment to design integrity and the pursuit of fresh ideas.

Your home is not just a building but an extension of your identity — a sanctuary that speaks to the human spirit. That is why Freeform strives to create designs that go beyond aesthetics and functionality, fulfilling your project needs and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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Founded as a combined architecture firm and interiors firm based in San Francisco, the firm's focus is on high end residential design work. With an ability to integrate a variety of iconic architecture, green design, modern art, interior architecture, and urban design among many other design traditions.

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Building construction is an involved and meticulous process and no two projects are the same. Freeform's featured project list boasts a variety of aesthetic styles. In addition to the variety, the portfolio also includes a diversity of project sizes, award-winning architecture, a multitude of sustainable solutions, and a commitment to excellence in every architectural detail. Environmental responsibility plays an important role in each project, ensuring that our designs not only create innovative and soulful spaces but also contribute to a greener.

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During your introductory call, we will answer any questions that may be holding you back. You may be wondering about the roles and responsibilities of architects, contractors, interior designers, and engineers. You may be be concerned about permitting in San Francisco. You may want to know what the process of designing and building a home entails. This invaluable session is aimed at equipping you with the insights and confidence needed to reinvent your living space and make your dream home a reality. Don’t leave your home to chance - start on the right foot with expert guidance. We believe there are no wrong questions and believe client education is critical to project success.

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