ZS Residence

Project Information


Presidio Heights, San Francisco, CA




Trinity Building Co.


Patrick Brennan Photography, Rebekka Jeurissen

The ZS Residence, nestled in the vibrant heart of San Francisco's Presidio Heights neighborhood, is a modern residential project that harmoniously melds abundant natural light, avant-garde aesthetics, and a convivial ambiance for a young family and their guests.

This three-story Edwardian building initially presented a traditional interior, compartmentalizing the dining, living, and kitchen areas. The client's primary design objective was to foster a seamless connection between these disparate spaces, thereby aligning the home's interior with their way of living. As the project unfolded, Freeform was entrusted with the comprehensive re-imagining of the entire three-story volume, which included a total refurbishment of the second and third floor. Moreover, Freeform undertook the design and selection of the interior furnishings and decorative lighting, further enhancing the residence's aesthetic appeal and creating a unified design.

The ZS Residence boasts several distinctive features. An expansive skylight crowns a minimalist oak staircase adorned with glass guardrails, infusing the space with an ethereal quality. Large, south-facing doors on the second and third levels optimize daylight, fostering a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. A re-imagined built-in cabinet system in the living room modernizes the ambiance while discreetly housing media equipment.

The ZS Residence stands as a testament to the potential of merging a grounded living experience with a sophisticated design approach. The result is a dwelling that exudes a unique contemporary design while simultaneously cultivating a sense of warmth and comfort for all who cross its threshold.